Why download the Harbin app?

Because harbin gives you back the choice and it's fairer for everyone.


You choose your carrier according to:

His notation

His profile

His vehicle or his means of transport: Car, Utility, Motorcycle, Bike, on foot ...

His position in relation to you

The price he offers you Its qualification: Vtc, Taxi, Carpooler,


You just have to choose


You choose your client according to:

His notation

His profile

His itinerary

The distance of the race Estimated journey time based on traffic information

You just have to send your offer

How it Works ?

Harbin is a single application for everyone !!!

  • 1
    Click on go, to configure your transport needs
  • 2
    In the space dedicated to offers, choose the one that matches your criteria. You just have to accept the one that suits you.
  • 3
    Relax, you will be notified of all your race information inreal time
  • 1
    configure your transporter account
  • 2
    select the transport request that interests you from your transporter space or directly on the Map then send your offer
  • 3
    Let you guide until the end of yourrace

Why the harbin transport application:

Because Harbin is an alternative response to the various existing models by innovating the way we have to consume the transport service whatever it is. We are committed to restoring the autonomy of carriers by giving them total independence during their use, from the choice of their client at the price that suits them while insisting on compliance with the regulations in force in the country according to their qualification.

The applicant for the race has the freedom to choose the carrier and the price that suits him while being guided during his journey.

Why become a harbin carrier?

Unlike existing transport applications (Vtc, Carpooling, Taxi ...) Harbin guarantees autonomy and total independence in order to be able to exercise your activity without constraints and in a way more equitable ... for you.

How to become a Harbin transporter?

Harbin is an application for both professionals and non-professionals, depending on your qualification the harbin application will guide you in its registration process to configure your carriers sessions.

  • A / Choose your category and sub category *
  • B / Reading and acceptance of the warning and commitment
  • C / Form information and Upload of mandatory documents
  • D / Add your vehicle
  • E / Configure your remuneration account
  • F / Configure your price calculator Sub-category:

How does Harbin earn money?

Regarding Harbin's compensation, since we do not take any commission related to the amount of the race and therefore to the effort and work provided by the carrier, we monetize our computer services according to the use of the 'application through optional purchases (Premium Plan, Purchase of points) and in-app advertising, Without reducing the user experience to ensure the best use.


HARBIN, an extraordinary DNA


HARBIN, an extraordinary DNA. Equity, freedom, transparency, are part of the values ​​that drove our thinking throughout the process of creating Harbin. It is clear that the trade processes are most often based on pyramid schemes where customers and service providers are the last in this chain, it became necessary to offer an alternative response, based on a fair model in restoring choice and independence to all parties.

It was the same with regard to Harbin's method of remuneration, since we take no commission related to the amount of the journey and therefore to the effort and work provided by the transporter. Without reducing the user experience to guarantee the best use, we monetize our IT services based on the use of the application through optional purchases and in- app advertising.

Thus the process becomes horizontal leaving our users completely free of their decisions. Our intervention is limited to the regulation of exchanges in accordance with the different territorial regulations and to maintain the necessary transparency between users to allow them to make their decisions in complete safety.

Harbin, in equity we believe.

How to contact HARBIN?

Through the application by creating a ticket via the support icon from your profile page or in the contact section on www.harbinpro.com

Instructions of use

How to download the Harbin application?

Go to the App Store or Google Play, or click here.

Registration and identification

Creating an account takes only a few seconds. For this, you can use Facebook or gmail, or create an account from your e-mail address it is up to you.

Using Facebook or gmail, all it takes is one click. But if you prefer to use your e-mail, you will only have to fill in your name and your year of birth, and if you are a woman or a man.

Go to the How to download Harbin app section. and follow the instructions! Once registration is complete, we will ask you to complete your profile, in particular by verifying your phone number by receiving an identification code by text message and finally adding a profile photo.

Is HARBIN registration free?

Registration on HARBIN is totally free! It is mandatory if you want to take advantage of the connection between carriers and passengers and discover a new way of approaching your future journeys.

How to download the Harbin application?

Where and when is my number displayed?

As a customer, your phone number is sent to the carrier when you accept an offer and it confirms it.

As a carrier, your number is sent to the customer when you confirm their request after being selected.

Cell Phone and verifications

As soon as your registration is taken into account, you are invited to enter and verify your mobile phone number, a simple and essential step that will allow you to take full advantage of HARBIN services.

Checking your number is free and very fast, just let yourself be guided!

You enter your mobile number on the verification page

You instantly receive an SMS containing a 4-digit code

All you have to do is enter your code on the verification page, validate

Have my profile checked: security, trust

Why have my ID checked? The HARBIN community is built on trust between its members. this functionality is compulsory for anyone wishing to offer transport services and optional for people wishing to transport.

We added ID verification to provide additional security on HARBIN profiles. By having your ID checked, you will improve your chances of finding the carriers that are right for you.

You can have it checked:
- your passport
- your National Identity Card (CNI)

Other members will not have access to this data: they will only see one badge on your profile photo.

Profile and Session Management

Using the same profile according to your usage, you can create as many sessions as you want.

For example, you can use the application as a VTC on weekdays, (subject to validation of your professional documents) and switch to another session at the weekend or you can configure your ride session

Questions about sharing the Harbin app

All active Harbin users can participate in the referral program. Please note that it is only possible to sponsor new HARBIN users. Existing users will not be accepted for a new account.

You can sponsor as many relatives as you wish! You will receive a bonus from each new sponsored user who registers with HARBIN.

How to change the language of the application?

Just go to your profile and click on the icon represented by ... and marked "More"

How do I report a technical problem?

First of all, We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. For the problem to be resolved quickly, use the support function available in your profile, the SOS button if your race has started or the contact form to report it to us on www.harbinpro.com

But before writing to us, try the following solutions:
- Check your internet connection. Restarting your phone or switching to airplane mode is sometimes enough!
- Check that the geolocation is active.
- Make sure to use the latest version of our app.
- In your application settings, make sure that the application has all the permissions.
- Disable your ad blocker or VPN if you are using one.

Is the problem you are still having resolved? Write to us with as much detail as possible. Add screenshots and copy the error message if you can.

How to trust other members?

One of the pillars of the HARBIN community is trust. Thus, each member is invited to add a photo, submit an identity check (mandatory for carriers, optional for requesting users), leave a rating and reviews.

Will my passenger be on time? Does the selected driver drive safely? The reviews left to community members can answer these questions before you even meet them.

For our part, we take care of verifying the e-mails and telephone numbers of users who need transportation, as well as the identity and all the legal documents required by the carriers.

How can I report and / or block inappropriate behavior?

If you believe that a member is not using the HARBIN application in accordance with the appropriate rules and customs, you just have to report it by simply clicking on the Report or Block spaces on the profile page of the member concerned.

If you had a bad experience with a member during a trip, you can also express it in the review and rating that you will leave and / or block it

Blocking a member will suspend any interaction between you on the application.

Please note that you can also contact us directly to let us know of any problems related to another member.

How long does it take to process a complaint?

Did your trip not take place or did it go as planned?

If you (or your carrier) open a complaint, we will send you an e-mail confirming receipt and handling of your complaint.

In general, a complaint is dealt with automatically within 7 days, sometimes less depending on the reactivity of the parties Our team in charge can contact you if necessary to find out more.

Do you have a pending complaint and haven't heard from us yet?

Want to challenge the processing of a complaint?

Contact us and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I make a suggestion about the app?

Do you have an idea to improve HARBIN? that interests us! Share it here. All ideas are good so don't hesitate. We read with great interest all your suggestions and feedback.